Sensible Energy Links:

  1. California’s energy action plan

  2. Solar energy basics

  3. Photovoltaic basics

  4. Debunking solar energy myths

  5. DOE smart grid

  6. Do we need more transmission lines?

  7. Electric Power Research Institute

Smart Green Energy:

  1. An accessible, comprehensive guide to solar energy

  2. Smart Grid by IEEE Spectrum

  3. A sibling website from Southern California

  4. San Diego smart energy solutions page

  5. A Deep Home Place Website

Energy in the Press:

  1. NPR’s excellent review of electricity in the US

  2. NPR’s graphic visualizing the US electricity grid

  3. NY Times’ article on photovoltaics

  4. New Study on Carbon Cap and Smart Energy

  5. Newsweek on Solar Power

  6. Vacaville’s The Reporter on the backlash against TANC

  7. The Energy Bulletin

  8. World Changing, a media organization

  9. A $535 million loan to solar energy firm

  10. KXJZ program ‘Insight’ on TTP

TANC Transmission Project:

  1. Informational website on TTP

  2. Bob Langley’s blog on TTP

  3. A map of TTP proposals

  4. Solano County’s Daily Republic on the TTP

  5. WAPA’s page on TTP

  6. TANC webpage on TTP

  7. An Activist site

  8. AntiTANC site

  9. Stop the powerlines website

  10. Central Valley Wetlands Threatened by Power Lines

  11. Reinvestment Act related to Western Transmission

Power Lines in the Press:

  1. Sacramento Bee: Energy Officials Face Questions

  2. Officials wary of power line project

  3. Sempra Energy Unit Offers Settlement

  4. NY Times on Senate Draft Plan

  5. NY Times: Senate Panel to Mark Up Transmission

  6. LA Times: Ducks Unlimited protest power line route

Informative Documents:

  1. Fact and fiction in electricity transmission: Transmission Lies

  2. The Case for Decentralized Generation of Energy

  3. A study by the Union of Concerned Scientists on smart energy

  4. A Book from DOE: The Smart Grid: An Introduction

  5. Designation of Transmission Corridor Zones

  6. Maps of Proposed Energy Corridors:

  7. History of California's Overhead Electric Project

  8. TTP Factsheet 2009-03-20

  9. New technologies: Smarter Grid

  10. New technologies: The Problem with Wind

  11. Centralized Big Wind and Big Solar vs. The Better Way

  12. San Diego’s Smart Energy 2020: Full report (or Executive summary)

  13. DOE Support for Interconnection-Level Analysis and Planning

  14. San Diego’s Smart Energy 2020: Full report (or Executive summary)

  15. CA Transmission Planning


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CalISO: California Independent System Operator. 
CEQA/NEPA and EIR/EIRS: In the case of the TTP, the two reports are produced by one joint process, called CEQA/NEPA and will produce a single report, called the EIR/EIS. California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) is a CA state law that requires the creation of an Environmental Impact Report (EIR).  National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) is a federal law that requires the creation of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).
FERC: Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.
Old Green Technology: By this term we refer to decades-old thinking in Green Energy Policy, epitomized by centralized generation via huge, remote solar farms at a great cost in transmission and missed opportunities. By contrast, New Green Technology refers to distributed energy generation exemplified by wide adoption of photovoltaic cells on the roofs of homes, businesses and smart electric grids for sharing power within communities.
RTGs (or RTOs): Regional Transmission Groups (or Organizations).
TANC: The Transmission Agency of Northern California (TANC) is a CA Joint Powers Agency and the Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) is part of the US Department of Energy. Both engage in the financing, construction and administration of high voltage electric transmission lines.
TTP: The TANC Transmission Project (TTP) is a major electrical transmission project that will result in the construction of about 600 miles of 230-kV and 500-kV electric transmission lines and a number of electrical substations.  If built, it will extend from Lassen County to the S. Bay, San Joaquin County and the Sierra foothills.
Scoping:  Scoping is the process by which the range or scope of the EIR/EIS is determined or, stated differently, the process of deciding what MUST be included in the EIR/EIS.
WAPA: Western Area Power Administration.